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Discover the Premier Choice for Dental Implant Charlotte: Your Go-To Dentist in Southpark

Apr 21

Dentists in Southpark Who Provide Dental Implants


Residents of Southpark in Charlotte, NC, who need to replace lost or broken teeth can depend on a Charlotte, NC dentist for successful dental implants. Our systematic approach ensures that the replacements are fixed securely in the jawbone, allowing them to work like natural teeth. Our process includes:


Initial Consultation

At the beginning of the process, a conversation will be held to assess the situation and determine the best steps forward.

At our dentist in Southpark, we start by seeing if you are eligible for the dental implant process. The first meeting is to look at your bone density and immune system to see if the treatment will work for you. This allows us to create a plan that meets your particular restoration goals. At our dentist office in Southpark, we prioritize your needs to make sure we deliver the highest quality service we can. 


Placing and Healing from Implants


At the first appointment, our Southpark Dentist arranges a day for the surgery. On the day of the operation, incisions are made in the gums and the implants are inserted in the jawbone. Afterward, a period of time is given for the implants to securely attach to the jawbone. During this time, the Southpark dentist monitors the healing process to guarantee the replacements stay stable before putting the crown on.


Placement of the Crown

The last step at Southpark Dentist is putting a crown over the implant to make it look and function like a real tooth. We make sure the crown is a perfect fit in terms of size, shape, and color, and that you can use it for normal activities like talking, eating, and smiling with confidence.


Post-Treatment Care


At Aspire Dental Wellness, our mission to provide exceptional dental care does not come to a close after the implant procedure. We instead guide you to optimal oral health by teaching you beneficial oral hygiene habits. This includes instructions on how to brush and floss properly with your implants in. This is to ensure that food particles don't build up in the hard to reach areas and cause issues. In addition, we help you make regular appointments with our Southpark Dentist. This is to make sure that your implants are monitored and your smile remains healthy.


If you are questioning whether you qualify for dental implants in Southpark, Aspire Dental Wellness is the place to go. Our experienced team has been helping patients restore their smiles and self-confidence with dental implants for over ten years. We will evaluate your situation and tailor a plan that fits your needs. You can come to our practice or call us to make an appointment.


Aspire Dental Wellness, located at 2701 Coltsgate Rd #104, Charlotte, NC 28211, offers a wide range of dental services. You can reach them by telephone at (980) 999-4439 or online at

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